Visit Visa of Australia, Its Process of Application

Australia Visa 2020

Visit visa of Australia subclass 600

You can stay for the time that is mentioned on your visa grant letter. This visit visa of Australia can grant you either multiple entries or a single entry. You must not remain in Australia for consecutively for more than a year in 18 months. You cannot extend your visa to stay longer. If you wish to take any people along with you, the application for each individual must be submitted separately. They determine the time of your stay based on individual cases. Things they might consider while determining the length of your visa are:
• The purpose of your visit
• How long you wish to stay

With this visa, you are allowed to

• Visit as a tourist
• Visit friends or family
• Visit for any other purpose except for medical treatment or business
• Train or study for up to 3 months unless it is your sole purpose of visiting


Confirm the current price before applying for the visa. It may include costs incurred in
• Police certificate
• Health checks
• Bio-metrics
• Application charge

Apply from

You are eligible to apply for this visa even if you are already in Australia. However, you must be present in Australia while your application is being processed, and the decision is being made.

Processing times

The process takes approximately 16 days for the 75 percent of applications and 27 days for 90 percent of applications. It may take longer if:
• Your information is not filled accurately
• If it takes time to verify information than usual time
• You did not attach all the documents
• They need more documents


If your visa allows you multiple entries, you can travel outside and return to Australia within the valid period. However, if you are permitted single entry and you move out of Australia you are not allowed to re-enter

Process of application

Step 1
Before you apply

• Check your passport validity and other documents
• Complete your health examination
• Know how to apply or get help
Step 2
Gather your documents

• Provide accurate information
• Provide identity documents like
o Passport showing: personal details, photo, passport expiry, and issue date
o National identity card
o Proof of name change
• Provide evidence that you are visiting temporarily
• Provide evidence that you have enough money
• A letter from a friend or family in Australia
• Provide evidence that you have a reason for returning like:
o A letter from your organization stating your plans to continue the job
o Evidence that you study in an institute in your country
• Character documents like military service records or discharge papers, if any
• Additional documents may be required if you are under 18
• For online application prepare your documents
o Translate your documents
o Scan or photocopy of your documents
o Attach the documents
• For the paper application, you must get your documents translated, certified, and send.


• Meet the health requirements
• Meet the character requirements
• Have enough money
• Be a genuine visitor