UK Visitor Visa Requirements 2020


UK Visitor Visa Requirements 2020

Requirements of The UK Visitor Visa Under Immigration Rule

For the United Kingdom Visit Visa, Under the Immigration Rules, The Demands Are as Following

  • An Applicant Explains the Purpose and Intention for The Visit of The United Kingdom
  • An Applicant Grants Valid Evidence of The Capability to Meet the Trip Expenses Without Appealing to Public Funds
  • An Applicant Clarifies the Intentions to Return Home After the Journey.

Requirements of The Application Process to Get United Kingdom Visitor Visa

The application process demands to present the reason or need for visiting the United Kingdom. An applicant must gather the supporting documents, fill in the online form, submit the payment, go to UKVAC to attend the meeting for biometrics, and submit the passport. After that, ECO is responsible for making the decision and choosing whether they allow or not, and finally, the applicant needs to collect their passport back.

How to Get A United Kingdom Standard Visitor Visa?

Most of the applicants believe that the UK visiting only requires filling in the online application form, then attaching the required documents, paying the mentioned fee, and then visiting an application center for submitting the supporting documents and biometrics. However, these are only procedural requirements. These are the only conditions that are necessary but not enough to get the UK family or tourist visit visa. Consequently, to receive a UK visitor visa, the applicant requires not only following the application process but also to fulfill some extra requirements.

How Can One Meet the Requirement of The UK Visitor Visa? 

The foremost necessity for getting the UK visiting visa is to specify the visiting purpose. Furthermore, the applicant is required to present supporting documents to verify the information he/she is mentioning in the application form. Therefore, the use of supporting documentation is to confirm that an applicant:

  1. Has Sufficient Supplies to Sustain the Trip Expenses, Without an Appeal to The Public Funds
  2. Plans Leaving the British Isles After the Termination of Visa Validity IE, Have Stronger Bonds to His Home Country
  3. Will Be Able to Suffice the Expenses of The Onward Journey

In conclusion, the applicant has to prove that they might travel to the British Isles and might return to their Home country after they have performed the activities they were permitted to do. However, each applicant wishing to visit the UK needs to meet the requirements, either they travel with family, school, or any other group.

According to paragraph V(4.2 a and c) from Appendix V, the most crucial necessity for the UK family and tourist visit visa is to assure that the applicant will leave the British Isles on the completion of the trip. And also, he/she only wants to enter into the UK for the permission he/she is seeking. Thus, the letter terminates by inquiring about the legitimate aims of the applicant to visit the UK.

APPLICATION of the UK visitor visa

There is only one method to apply for the United Kingdom family or tourist visit visa, i.e., apply online at Access UK. And afterward, the applicant submits documents at the application center and undergoes the biometrics.

Requirements for non-visa nationals

There is no need for non-visa nationals such as the citizens of New Zealand, Canada, Australia, the US, etc. to get a visa for coming to the United Kingdom as a visitor.

However, according to paragraph V (1.3) of Appendix V, non-visa nationals are required to apply for a visit visa if they are:

  • Coming to the United Kingdom to form a civil partnership, or to marry, or to give notice of civil partnership or marriage in the UK.
  • Intending to travel for more than six months for private medical treatment in the UK or as visiting academics

Application Requirements

The UK standard visitor visa application requirements involve the following steps or procedure:

Step 1: Specifying A Purpose and Creating an Online Application

If a person wishes to apply for a UK visitor visa, then the first step is to specify why he is visiting or simply, the reason for his visit. The most common objects are meeting relatives, family, friends, and tourism for sightseeing and leisure. It can also be a purpose or reason relating to business, job interviews, and attending meetings, etc.

Also, the UK standard visitor visa covers the following fewer common purposes of visiting the UK as well:

  1. Academics that are wishing to accompany students on a study abroad program or doing research.
  2. Clinical Attachment for a dentist or a doctor coming to the UK taking an observer post or a clinical attachment.
  3. Applicants visiting the United Kingdom for a Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board test or the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination)

To participate in sports or creative events. Therefore, after gathering the supporting documents, start filling the online application form.

Step 2: Reviewing and Finalizing the Application

After the first step of completing the form, an applicant must review the form and the supporting documents. An applicant should take a printout of the application form. An applicant cannot make any amendments in the UK family or tourist visit visa online application form after the payment for the form has been submitted. Therefore, it is essential to review the from 2 to 3 times before making the fee payment. The printout of the application form prior to the amount will not have barcodes. However, the printout of the application form after the payment will have barcodes on the top right side of every page with the GWF number at the bottom of each barcode.

Therefore, after reviewing the UK family or tourist visit visa online application form, the applicant can proceed forward to select the relevant application center in his or her country/city.

Step 3: Selecting Service Type and Paying the Application Fee

  • Choose the service type on the application form
  • Make an online payment
  • Immediately afterward, the applicant will receive an email from with one of the following subjects:
  • UK visa application: Payment Refused [Applicant’s Name]
  • UK visa application: Payment Confirmation and What to Do Next [Applicant’s Name]

If your payment has been refused, then try again using a different or same Debit/Credit card. Hopefully, after 2 to 3 failed attempts and talking to your bank, you will be able to make the payment.

After receiving the payment confirmation email, the applicant should take a printout of the supporting documents checklist and online application form.

Step: 4 Preparing/Uploading the Final Documents’ Bunch

  • Review the final application form again for typing errors or minor corrections.
  • Review all the supporting documents and crosscheck with the supporting documents checklist.
  • Finalize the bunch of the documents, i.e., take out the print of the finalized PDF of the UK family or tourist visit visa application form that have the barcodes and also the necessary documents. Also, take a copy of a cover letter if necessary.

STEP: 5 Going to UKVAC on the application day

Go to the application center at the appointment date- try to reach 15 mins before the appointment time. And wait for your turn. The staff of the application center will review the documents thoroughly. Then he will take the biometrics. Once the process of submission is complete, he will then provide you a receipt. Note: the staff at UKVACs usually is very polite.