Tourist Visa For The United Arab Emirates

Gulf visa

Tourist visas for UAE can be issued for either 90 days or 30 days. They can allow either single or multiple entries. It depends on your plans and purpose of visit. Tourist visas can also be extended twice without leaving UAE. The extension is of 30 days each time you stretch. 

People for whom this visa is suitable

Following are individuals who can get this type of UAE visa

  • People who are not eligible for a visa on arrival
  • People who do not qualify for a visa-free entry in the country
  • Tourists from around the world

Females who are below 18 years of age do not qualify for this visa if they are traveling alone. However, they can apply if they are going with their parents. 

Following a Cabinet resolution (July 2018), children under 18 years of age who are coming to UAE with an adult can get a free visa from 15th July – 15th September. 

Visa on arrival

There are two kinds of visas on arrival 

  • A 30-day visa on arrival 
  • A 90-day visa on arrival

A 30-day visa on arrival

People who are eligible for this kind of visa are the citizens of the UAE. They do not have to make any visa arrangements in advance. They can obtain a permit for 30 days when they arrive in the UAE. This visa can be extended for ten days. 

A 90-day visa on arrival

Similar is the case for this type of visa. Citizens do not have to make any prior arrangements and can get a 90-day visa when they arrive in the UAE. However, there are some additional points for Indian citizens. 

Indian citizens

Indian citizens who have a standard passport and one of the following are eligible for a visa on arrival:

  • A Visitor visa issued by the United States of America 
  • A green card issued by the United States of America 
  • A residence visa issued by the United Kingdom
  • A residence visa issued by the EU

However, they are permitted to stay for a maximum period of 14 days. Also, their green card must be valid for the next six months after they arrive in the UAE. Their passport must also be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date on which they enter into the UAE. List of countries whose people are eligible for visa on arrival varies from time to time. Therefore, Make sure to check with the UAE consulate/embassy in your state before traveling to the United Arab Emirates. 

Visa-free entry

Citizens of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) do need a permit or visa. They can visit the UAE without the sponsorship of any resident or national of the UAE. However, they will have to show the national identity card and passport of their GCC country when entering in the UAE.  

The validity of a tourist visa: 

It is your choice and depends on your plans. It can be valid for up to either 90 or 30 days. A tourist visa can allow single and multiple entries.  

Tourist visa through airlines

Every airline has its own set of conditions. If you want them to arrange a tourist visa for you, you must meet all of their requirements. One of these conditions is flying with the airline who is organizing the visa for you.  

Tourist visa through hotels and agencies

Travel agents and hotels that are licensed in the United Arab Emirates are eligible and capable of arranging a tourist visa. However, they might have some conditions. For example, a travel agent can say that he will arrange a visa for you if you buy the ticket through them. A hotel may bring forward a condition that you must maintain a hotel reservation with them.   

You can also contact any travel agency in your state for any tour packages that are available to the United Arab Emirates in collaboration with a local tour operator.

However, you must check the travel agents you are dealing with to make sure that they are authentic. You should not pay any money or send any official documents or their copies until you are sure about the authenticity of the travel agent. You can also seek the help of the UAE consulate/ embassy in your state for verification. 

Note: The UAE embassy in any state does not issue any tourist visa. If you want to get a tourist visa for UAE, you must get the aid of

  • Any UAE-based airline
  • A tour agency 
  • A hotel where you want to stay in the UAE

You can choose any of these three, and they will apply for a tourist visa on your behalf. 

Extending or renewing a tourist visa

All kinds of tourist and visitor visas can be extended twice ( 30 days each). However, you must apply for an extension and receive the approval of the relevant authority. You do not have to leave the country for this purpose. 

Tourists and visitors can apply for a renewal before their first visa expires. There is a fee charged for each renewal. If your visa has expired and you overstay in the UAE without renewing your visa, you will be fined heavily per day. 

However, the rule for an extension does not apply on the following

  • Tourists and Visitors who are residents in GCC countries
  • Residents coming with GCC nationals
  • Those who have special entry permits
  • Those who have a 96-hour permit for special missions