Tier 2 General Visa UK 2020


Tier 2 General Visa UK 2020

This Article Provides Guidance Related to The United Kingdom Tier 2 General Visa 2020: The Requirements of Entry Clearance, The Extension, And the Switching Applications. The Tier 2 General Visa for The UK Is for The Skilled Workers and The Shortlisted Occupation List. It Is A Visa That Is Based on Points; Therefore, The Person Wishing to Apply Is Required to Score 70 Points. The Article Inculcates the Details Regarding the Scoring Points for COS or Certificate of Sponsorship, English Language, Maintenance Funds, And Appropriate Salary.

Purpose of The Tier 2 Visa Route

The Tier 2 route enables a United Kingdom employer to hire and select foreign nationals for a job post. However, the person sponsoring Tier 2 has to guarantee that any worker who is settled is not feasible for the job they are offering. Hence, the Tier 2 job post must pass the RLMT or resident labor market test. The Tier 2 skilled worker might not replace the suitable United Kingdom settled worker.

The Types of United Kingdom Tier 2 Points-Based Visa

The Tier 2 visa for a skilled worker, includes professions such as medical doctors and nurses. However, there are other categories of the Tier 2 work visas like Sportsperson, Minister of Religion, and Intra-company Transfers. A person who wishes to get a permit to work as a Minister of Religion or a Sportsperson cannot apply for the ICT visa or the Tier 2 General visa. Moreover, the PBS Tier 2 is also another name of Tier 2 general visa. 

Eligibility for Application of The UK Tier 2 General Visa

A person can apply for the Tier 2 General visa if they have a job offer known as COS or Certificate of Sponsorship. For successfully getting the visa approved of Tier 2 General applicant is demanded to score 70 points:

  1. 30 points for an accredited COS that meets the requirements of:
  • an RLMT or resident labor market test exemption
  • an RLMT by the sponsor

An extension to may be provided if you are maintaining your work for the same sponsor in the same occupation

  • 20 points as per Appendix A from the Immigration Rules for the Appropriate Salary
  • 10 points as per Appendix B from the Immigration Rules for English language skills
  • 10 points as per Appendix C from the Immigration Rules for Maintenance funds

Migrant of A Tier 2 General Visa of The Uk?

A migrant of the Tier 2 visa can perform the following activities in the United Kingdom:

  1. In Particular Circumstances, They Can Do A Second Job
  2. Work in The Job for The Sponsor Described in the COS
  3. Do Voluntary Work
  4. Travel and Return from Abroad to the UK
  5. Bring the Family Members to the UK
  6. Study If It Does Not Intervene with The Sponsored Job

However, a migrant who is on Tier 2 general visa has no authority to own more than 10 percent of the shares of the sponsor. However, if the migrant is earning more than £159,600 annually, this restriction may not be implied. Moreover, a migrant who is on Tier 2 General visa may not be eligible for the public funds. When the applicant starts working for the sponsor, then they are allowed to apply for a second job.

Application Processing Time of The Tier 2 General Visa

The person wishing for the application of a Tier 2 General visa should apply up to three months before the start of work in the United Kingdom. The COS has the date mentioned on it on which the migrant can start their work in the United Kingdom. For example, if the date on COS is January 2, 2020, as the starting date, then the applicant can apply for the Tier 2 General visa on October 3, 2019. The majority standard time of the process a Tier 2 General visa application is within 15 working days.

The Starting Period of Tier 2 General Granted Visa 

The duration of grant for Tier 2 general visa ordinarily begins from 14 days before the date the sponsored job in the UK is starting, as mentioned in COS. For example, if the job was starting on November 15, 2019, then the applicant receives a United Kingdom Tier 2 General visa from November 1, 2019. Though, if the applicant is getting permission before less than 14 days of the starting date mentioned in the COS, then Tier 2 General visa might be issued with the immediate effect.

Moreover, if the applicant has stated the date of anticipated travel to the United Kingdom on the Tier 2 General visa application form, then the applicant usually gets an entry clearance with the outcome of seven days before the mentioned traveling date to the United Kingdom. However, the migrant of Tier 2 general visa cannot specify the travel date later than 14 days after the starting date of the COS.

Extending Stay of Tier 2 General Visa in The UK

A migrant can extend their stay for up to 5 years in the Tier 2 General visa of the UK. However, the total time of staying in the British Isles cannot be more than six years. But there might be some circumstances in which this 6-year restriction is not applicable.

Moreover, a migrant who has the Tier 2 general visa might also get permission to live for the limit between the dates while the Home Office concludes the application approval. And the date the COS Checking Service records as the starting date of the job in the United Kingdom.