Student Visa of Australia; Steps for Applying and Eligibility

Australia Visa 2020

Student visa of Australia subclass 500

A student visa of Australia is a temporary visa for up to 5 years during which you can study. The type, of course, you participate in, will determine the extent of your permission. Children who are enrolled in Primary school from 1-4 years of age are granted a maximum of 2 years of student visa. If you wish to further study in Australia, the application of a new student visa is required. With the student visa for Australia, you can
• Participate in the course of study
• Travel in or out
• Work up to 40 hours every two weeks once your study course has started

Include family

• The person who applies for a student visa might have an option to include a family member. Your family member is either your partner or your partner’s dependent child under the age of 18.
• The family members must meet the requirements for character and health
• Check the fee of school for the dependent child.


• The visa costs should be checked according to the date you are applying.
• The charge is separate for each family member applying for the visa.
• Fees must be separately paid for health checks, biometrics, and a police certificate.

Apply from

If you wish to apply for a student visa, you can either apply during your stay in Australia or from outside the country.

Steps to apply

Step 1
Before you apply

• If you are outside Australia, you must apply for the visa at least six weeks before your decided course starts.
• If you are in Australia, you must have plenty of time to apply for a next visa and avoid waiting until the expiry date is near. In case of complications, you will have to leave Australia
• Organize health examination
• Getting help for your application
• Have an authentic and valid passport

Step 2
Gather your documents

• Providing accurate information
• Providing Identity documents
o A valid passport, showing your details, photo and passport expiry and issue date.
o a national identity card
o proof if you have changed the name
• Confirmation of enrolment
• Provide a letter of support and acceptance form
• Evidence that you have enough finances for your stay
o Enough money to meet the costs and expenses
o Your travel
o 12 months of course fees
o 12 months of living cost
• Overseas Student Health Cover
• Student visa English language proficiency requirement
• Mandatory documents of your partner
• Certificates of your dependent child under the age of 18

Step 3
Preparing your documents

• Translate your materials in English
• Scan or photocopy of your documents
• Keep the record of your documents

Step 4
Apply for visa

• Do not incorporate false information
• For online application check the procedure

Step 5
After you apply

• Check the status updates
• Go for the biometrics on call
• If you did not have any health examinations before, go for it now
• Stay lawful and comply with the rules

Step 6
Visa outcome

You will be provided with a written document regarding your application decisions.
• visa grant number
• your visa conditions
• the expiry date of your visa

Eligibility for a student visa

• Be a certain age to apply for specific programs. The age limit varies according to the course you wish to participate in.
• Provide evidence that you are enrolled in a class of study
• Welfare arrangement for a student under the age of 18 years
• Meeting the English language requirements
• Have adequate health insurance
• Do not have any other type of Australian visa
• Have enough money for your stay in Australia
• Meeting the character requirement
• Sign an Australian value statement
• There must be specific effects if your visa has been rejected or canceled before