How to use Job Bank to find a Job in Canada

Vacancies in Canada

Finding a job in Canada can be challenging, and finding your best match is even more difficult. However, the Canadian government has launched a portal through which finding and applying for a Canadian job has become much more manageable. The portal through which you can find a job in Canada is known as In this article below, we will discuss how you can use Job Bank Canada.


Step 1:

Open a search engine and type job bank Canada and click search. 

Step 2:

In the search bar given, type the kind of job you want. For example, if you wish to apply for a farmer’s job, write a farmer, and click “search.”

Step 3:

There are also a variety of filters that can help you narrow down your options. These filters include:

  • Province/regions (if you want a job in a particular area in Canada you can select it in this filter)
  • Date it was posted
  • Salary (you can select the Salary range you prefer)
  • Years of experience (you can select from the option you have to offer)
  • Hours of work( you can choose whether you want a full time or part-time job)
  • Education or training (you can specify your education in this filters)
  • Language at work (if you are fluent in English you can specify it here)
  • Employment groups (if you are a foreigner, you must select “newcomer” in this filter. 
  • Benefits (health benefits, and financial benefits)
  • Top job categories (you can also select a job category from this filter if you find the one you want)
  • Employment conditions (what shifts you prefer) 

Step 4:

After selecting the filters, click on search, and your screen will display a vast number of Canadian jobs related to your search from which you can choose the ones you like.

Step 5

When you open a job ad, it contains a lot of information about the job that is being offered, including:

  • Its location
  • The salary package the employer is offering.
  • Its Job type
  • Number of shifts
  • Benefits the employer is offering along with the salary package.
  • Number of Vacancies available
  • Job requirements that you need to fulfill
  • Duties and responsibilities of the job
  • Work conditions and work setting
  • Last date for applying
  • How you can contact the employer

Step 6:

After going through all of the job specifications, click on “how to apply”  to find out about the job application process.

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