How to make a CV to get Canadian job offer letter

Vacancies in Canada

People from all around the world wish to find a job in Canada. Different facilities, handsome pay packages, and a lavish lifestyle in Canada are what attract foreigners towards Canada and motivates them to find a job in the country and migrate to it. 

The most crucial step when you are applying for a job in any country or company is your CV. In Canada, the decision of whether you get the job you applied for or not depends on your CV. Therefore you must give your CV the attention and time it requires to become impressive enough to get you the job of your choice in Canada.

In the article below, we will discuss what CV is and how to make a CV you can use to apply for a Canadian job. 

What is a CV:

A CV, also known as a Curriculum Vitae, is essentially the summary of a person’s whole life’s work. It is a document that contains all the information about an individual’s professional and educational career. 

Information you must incorporate in your CV:

The following details must be included in your CV:

  • Your personal details
  • What is your lifelong objective
  • Your work experience
  • The skills you have 
  • Your hobbies

Now let us discuss each of these in detail. 

Personal details

This section includes your personal information like:

  • Your full name
  • Your complete address (including your country and the name of your city)
  • Your contact information which includes: your contact number and email address

These are the things that you write first and foremost in a CV. On top of your CV, write your name. Then, you must write your complete address. After that, write a contact number that is in your use. Lastly, mention your email address. 

Your life long objective

In this part of the CV, you must mention what you want to become in the future, e.g., an engineer, or a chef.

Educational information

This part includes your educational details. You must mention these details in a descending order, which means the most recent qualification must be mentioned first.

Information that you must incorporate in this part of CV includes:

  • The name of the degree
  • Date of passing
  • Educational institution
  • Major subjects

Work experience

In this part, you must mention all your work experiences. All the employers and companies that you were employed in before this job application, and how long you worked in each company. You must mention:

  • Your post
  • Companies name
  • Duration of work


In this section, you must mention all the skills that you have that are related to the job you are applying for. You should also mention some general skills that are required for any job like excellent communication skills, time management, the ability to read and write different languages, etc. The more skills you mention, the more attractive your CV becomes. However, make sure that you do not write any skills that you do not possess, as doing so can get you in trouble.


It is good to mention productive hobbies, like reading, gardening, or playing mind games. However, the attractiveness will depend on what kind of job you are applying for. 


If you have taken part in any activities that involve social work or the overall betterment of society, you must mention those in this section.


Here you mention the contact details of people who might be useful in providing assurity of your worthiness to get the job. These people can be your past employers or your principal.

Remember to incorporate all these parts in your CV. Adding visually pleasing details like bold heading, middle alignment, and watching out for the right font size will also help you to increase the attractiveness of your CV.

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