How to Get Job in Canada, A Guide to Your Journey

Canada Immigration 2020

Searching for Top Employers in Canada

If you want to find the top employers who are, offering jobs in Canada, this is a life-changing article for you. It contains practical information gathered by the top experts. The best way to find top employers in Canada is to visit the website of Forbes.

What is Forbes?

Forbes is a magazine that serves the purpose of information sharing. Forbes partnered with market research company Statista to identify the top companies that hire national and international employees. It recently arranged a large scale study in collaboration with Statista. They compiled by surveying 8000 Canadians working for a business with at least 500 employees and ranked the three hundred employers that received the most recommendations. All of these 300 companies include huge and expanded brands, as well as emerging names.

Who can Apply?

There are options for educated as well as less educated people. All qualified and professional people can apply for zero, A, and B category jobs according to the NOC level. Less educated people who are skilled or semi-skilled can apply for C and D category jobs, according to NOC. All of these people can apply to any of these companies. After getting a job, you can apply for getting work visas, permanent residency, or other immigration programs.

Employers List (How to Find It)

If you want to view the employer’s list, all you have to do is go to the website of Forbes. There, you will see a list of Canada’s best employers. The list includes:

  • The companies name
  • Its related industry
  • The location of its headquarters
  • Its number of employees

How to Apply

  • Select the companies in which you want to apply
  • Copy its name
  • Paste it on Google’s search bar

From there, you will find the website of the company and its contact information. The company’s website also often includes information about current vacant posts for which you can apply. Usually, you can also apply for a particular position online through the company’s website after filling out the job application and sending in your CV.

Getting a Job Through Job Bank

All you have to do is

  • Search for the website of job bank
  • Put in the details of what kind of jobs you want
  • Click on search jobs
  • Select the jobs of your choice
  • Fill the application form
  • Apply along with your CV

Tips for Applying

  • You have to make a presentable CV
  • Make an attractive cover letter
  • Try to apply for as many posts as you can