eVisitor Visa For Australia, Its process and Eligibility

Australia Visa 2020

eVisitor visa for Australia

About eVisitor visa

eVisitor for Australia is a temporary visa type. It is granted for 12 months, and you can stay for three months at a time until the visa is valid. It is a multiple entry visa. The visa validity starts on the day when the permission is granted. This visa is not extendable; you will have to apply for another if you want to stay for a more extended period. With this visa, can travel to Australia
To visit friends or family member. As a tourist, for example, have a holiday or to cruise

  • As a business visitor
  • You can train or study for the duration of your stay. However, it must not be the main reason for your visit.


You must have a visa if you are entering Australia during a cruise. In case of a round trip cruise, your time on the journey is considered as your time in Australia. It will not reset your stay time. Make sure to ask your agent or cruise operator about your cruise type.
Business visitor
As a business visitor, you are allowed to:
• Make employment inquiries or general business
• Investigating, negotiating, or entering into or reviewing a business contract
• Conducting activities related to an official government visit
• Taking part in a conference, seminar or trade fair unless you are not paid to take part
As a business visitor, you are not allowed:
• Sell services or goods
• Work for a business organization located in Australia

Visa application process

  1. Providing accurate information
    You must provide information that is authentic and accurate
  2. Applying online
    • Create your application
    • Fill in all the details
    • Attach your documents
    • Submit the application
    • There no fees
  3. After you apply
    They will give you confirmation that they have received your application. If you do not get informed through an email in the next 12 hours after submission of your request, make sure to check your application status.
  4. Processing time
    On average, it takes two days. It might take longer if
    • Your documents are incomplete
    • Your information is incomplete or incorrect
    • Your information verification is taking longer than usual
  5. Some other things you need to know
    Travel: do not make arrangements to enter Australia until you have a written confirmation that you have been granted the visa.
    Location: you must be out of Australia to get the permit
    Bio-metrics: you will be informed if there is a need to provide bio-metrics.
  6. Visa outcome
    You will receive a written document if you have been granted a visa. It will include details about
    • Visa grant number
    • Visa starting date
    • Visa conditions
    When you are in Australia, keep a copy of this written consent with you all the time.

Eligibility for eVisitor

• You must have a valid passport
• You must meet the health requirements
• You must meet the character requirement with no criminal records
• You must not be indebted to the government of Australia
• Your stay in Australia must be temporary
• You must comply with all conditions mentioned in your visa
• You must have enough money to
o Supporting yourself during your visit to Australia
o Leaving Australia
• This visa does not apply to child interest.
• Complete incoming passenger card when you arrive in Australia